Sunday, October 26, 2008

MomMo and Dadda

Here are some cute pictures of MoMo and Derrick. There are times that they look identical. They actually might go as each other for Halloween (they have matching outfits). Derrick's favorite thing is to take naps with MoMo and then to receive kisses from Mo, which involves Moses licking either your cheek, nose, or lips. It's totally cute. Moses had his 2 month check up on Friday. He was 13lb and 23.75 inches long! But he also got his shots - Moses and I both cried. It was awful. Enjoy the cute new pictures!
I always wonder what he is thinking.

My 2 handsome boys.

Play time together. MoMo likes to punch Derrick in the eye and pull his hair. All in harmless fun...

When MoMo is hungry he will eat almost anything. He's a little Hoover vacuum. See the video below for the complete and funny end to this picture. But this is MoMo sucking on Derrick's finger as an appetizer before his dinner.

MoMo's "Rocky" outfit. Too bad Rocky didn't have an AWESOME bib!

Derrick and MoMo's gangsta impersonation. Derrick thinks MoMo looks like Kevin Federline - I hope he'll grow up to be nothing like Kevin Federline.

"I love my Mummy and my Mummy loves me!"

Kisses for Momma!

"Get this monkey off my back!"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Picker

MoMo enjoyed a very New England experience today. We went apple picking at a local apple orchard and posed MoMo for several pictures with the pumpkins. He took a hayride out to the orchard and enjoyed snuggling up to daddy as we picked apples and ate them as we went. After picking we all enjoyed hot apple cider (Opa would be jealous!) and ate their apple cider donuts! Mo's hat is a little small (I think he looks kinda like an Orthodox priest) so he had to wear it on the top of his head but he got all the attention from the passer-bys. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More fun pictures - I can never have enough!

MoMo practicing his posed high school graduation photo.

The beginnings of a smile. He's become so much more responsive and happy. We think he laughed this morning and he can smile when you are super animated. We love to give him kisses on the lips and when he licks us (I know it sounds weird but I promise it's AWESOME!) we say "Awwww!" in a really high pitch voice and he smiles.

He still doesn't really like the hat. Oh well...

MoMo loves his Mummy and his mummy loves him!

Our friend Ginger took these 2 pictures of him in his cute little overalls.

So Derrick put a pen in his hand and he grasped it (although wasn't too happy about it!). He then held up a piece of paper and as Mo was flailing his arms he drew a little picture. We sent the picture to Matthew in China.

More cuteness in the overalls.

Derrick thought this was funny and ironic. So MoMo's shirt says "Got Milk?" and he is strategically positioned next to the source of the milk. :)

This is a video of MoMo starting to try to lift his head. He's lifted his head up and turned it over to the other side.


So...probably like most babies MoMo likes to spit up...all the time. Last night we were eating dinner while Moses was watching us in his swing. He had just enjoyed his dinner and was chillin' out. He made this strange little noise and Derrick and I turned just in time to see him projectile spit up. The stuff flew over his bib and landed in his lap. We both freaked out but he was unphased. I've taken some pictures of the aftermath of some spit ups.

Like Father like...

Friday, October 3, 2008


MoMo is getting to the stage where he is doing a lot of 'firsts.' He had his first picnic, his first little coo noise, and i'm convinced he smiled at me for the first time. I haven't seen it again for a few days but I refuse to think that passing gas can bring him more satisfaction than I do! :) He had his first and only 1 month birthday - he's growing up so fast!

For all of you who are wondering "how he is sleeping" through the night...He will go about 4-5 hours between feedings in the night. For example, he ate at 12am and then again at 5am then at 9. So we got a nice good stretch of sleep. The biggest thing that has helped me deal with the sleeplessness is developing a mindset for nighttime parenting. I would imagine that some parents see night as a much needed break from parenting and constantly caring for a little one. So then waking up in the night to change diapers or wipe up spit up or feed the baby are seen as interruptions. Derrick and I have really tried to view the night not as a break for us but as a time where we are still attached and still parenting MoMo. That way the feedings etc. aren't interrupting my time. We've accepted that our life will never be the same and the night will never be like it was before he arrived. And recognizing that has been one of the healthiest things that we've done. **Also, during the middle of the night feedings I am able to catch up on my TIME magazine reading**

Below are just more pictures of him doing what he does best - BEING CUTE!

People always ask if we make his hair stand up like a mini mohawk. The answer is No. As you can see, MoMo does NOT like it when I try to brush his hair down. But is content again when it is allowed to be a punk head.