Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jolly January

January flew by. Derrick celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese. It was our 2nd annual birthday party there. We went on a week night so that we could have free reign of the place but unfortunately Chuck E doesn't reveal himself on weeknights. We were all very dissapointed.
Moses is growing fast. He is wanting to sit up and to crawl. He also starts to cry when he wants his toy back or if he wants to eat my apple. He's very curious and observant of everything. He just turned 5 months old. His new favorite thing is to suck on his bottom lip and pooch out his cheeks. It's adorable!
It's hard to believe but we will be leaving here in about 3 months to move to SC. We both have mixed emotions and will miss our New England home. The snow is beautiful and we love our friends and the area that we live in. 70 degree weather in January does not sound appealing to me. So we'll be looking for a place to live - so if any Carolinian's have some leads please let us know!
Enjoy the pictures!