Saturday, December 6, 2008

Texas Turkey

Well Moses has now traveled the world - well maybe not the world, yet, but he has now been to 4 states: New Hampshire, Illinois, Texas and of course the wonderful Mass. We've returned from our family reunion in Texas. It was a wonderful get together of all my dad's side of the family to celebrate Thanksgiving, my cousin's and my aunt's birthday. Derrick got to meet everyone and everyone met Moses. We also got to see two members of the Jungle Bungalow - Steph & Steph. Moses' favorite activity of the trip was going to the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. King Tut's baby picture looked eerily familiar....(see below). Many wanted to know "how he did on the plane" - well don't ask the guy who sat next to us on the way back. I tried to get his attention at the end to apologize but he wouldn't even look at me. No, he did ok. But no one likes to wait on the tarmac for hours before being allowed to take off. We finally got home at 4am! Thankfully we have wonderful friends who drive an hour to come pick us up at 3 in the morning.

On a personal note...the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I turned in my last assignment EVER! In January I will graduate with my MASTER'S degree in Missions and Evangelism! Hooray! (This is Meghan writing this, Derrick has one more semester).

Half of the Jungle Bungalow - Steph, Steph, and me.

My Grandmother and 2 aunts - Cindi and Mare. All 3 have had miraculous physical healings this year.

Moses and Addison - his 1 cousin once removed - I think. She shows her love by touching heads with you. So cute!

Opa, Moses, and my cousin Dwight

Moses and his Great Grandmother Donna.

Moses' activities in Texas:

King Tut's baby picture! Who knew they had pacifier's in Ancient Egypt. If you look close enough you'll also see that King Tut was a Yankees fan!

He found a new friend in the mirror. It's so adorable because he tries to reach out and touch him. He loves to smile and talk to himself.

Taking naps - of course Derrick had to take one too. Meeting Family can be tiring.

Eating pecan pie. (for the record Derrick did NOT feed him this!)

Reading books

Twins with Momma.

My cutie:

He is so sweet that we tried to bake him and eat him for dessert. Unfortunately he wouldn't even fit in the bowl, much less the oven. :)

MoMo beginning to talk
He's now standing up when you pull him up. He's learned that on the count of 2 to get ready. He squishes his face up and pulls his legs up so that he'll be ready on 3. what a genius!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy November

MoMo has proudly voted in his first election! I asked the women running the polling place if I could take a picture of him with me in the booth - they said no, so we opted for a picture outside of the school. It was very important to me to take him out of his car seat and hold him while he voted. His first civic duty!! He has been growing so fast and now laughs and smiles when he sees us. He has started standing up when you hold him and he can even bare all his weight on his legs. He loves and I means loves to suck on his hands. Derrick has made a discovery that he is so proud of - so when Moses if freaking out and crying Derrick will turn on some rap music and Moses will almost immediately calm down. Derrick loves it...and when it works its pretty awesome. :) He is looking forward to his first plane ride to meet Oma and Opa in Texas. I'm not sure the people sitting next to us will be excited though.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Trick, All Treat

MoMo's first Halloween! He had too many cute outfits for him to only wear one. So he was Derrick, a ghost and a pumpkin and a burrito! Our small group had a costume party and Moses and Derrick went as each other. Moses was 'mini me.' John McCain and Sarah Palin took time out of their busy schedule to come to our party also! And, yes, he was also a burrito. One of our favorite restaurants, Chipotle, was having a deal where if you can dressed as a taco, burrito, or a salad then you would get your dinner for free. So both Derrick and Moses went wrapped in foil so we could get free burritos!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

MomMo and Dadda

Here are some cute pictures of MoMo and Derrick. There are times that they look identical. They actually might go as each other for Halloween (they have matching outfits). Derrick's favorite thing is to take naps with MoMo and then to receive kisses from Mo, which involves Moses licking either your cheek, nose, or lips. It's totally cute. Moses had his 2 month check up on Friday. He was 13lb and 23.75 inches long! But he also got his shots - Moses and I both cried. It was awful. Enjoy the cute new pictures!
I always wonder what he is thinking.

My 2 handsome boys.

Play time together. MoMo likes to punch Derrick in the eye and pull his hair. All in harmless fun...

When MoMo is hungry he will eat almost anything. He's a little Hoover vacuum. See the video below for the complete and funny end to this picture. But this is MoMo sucking on Derrick's finger as an appetizer before his dinner.

MoMo's "Rocky" outfit. Too bad Rocky didn't have an AWESOME bib!

Derrick and MoMo's gangsta impersonation. Derrick thinks MoMo looks like Kevin Federline - I hope he'll grow up to be nothing like Kevin Federline.

"I love my Mummy and my Mummy loves me!"

Kisses for Momma!

"Get this monkey off my back!"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Picker

MoMo enjoyed a very New England experience today. We went apple picking at a local apple orchard and posed MoMo for several pictures with the pumpkins. He took a hayride out to the orchard and enjoyed snuggling up to daddy as we picked apples and ate them as we went. After picking we all enjoyed hot apple cider (Opa would be jealous!) and ate their apple cider donuts! Mo's hat is a little small (I think he looks kinda like an Orthodox priest) so he had to wear it on the top of his head but he got all the attention from the passer-bys. We hope you enjoy the pictures!