Monday, June 2, 2008

Meghan's Birthday Bonanza

I (Meghan) celebrated my 24th birthday on June 1st. Derrick did a wonderful job at organizing a great day full of surprises. I really wanted to go to my favorite flea market so we headed out in search of finding treasure in another man's trash. And boy did we find it! I have always loved/coveted my parent's German nativity which is a 3-tiered hand carved wooden nativity that has a place for candles and when the heat from the candles rise, it turns a windmill type thing on the top. ones go for around $200 but we found the identical one for only $25. (Derrick said that he only had $17 but he was secretly hiding a birthday stash of cash). I bought it right as another guy was going to get his wife to come look at it. Sneaky.....

We ate hotdogs and doritos (my own pregnancy craving) in our car and then went to my favorite ice cream place to buy raspberry sorbet. Yummy....
Our next stop was the little town of Rockport. We walked on the beach, found hermit crabs, discovered a secret garden, window shopped, and got sunburned. Derrick enjoyed acting like a kid by sliding down the slide and I had fun looking at things I could never afford.

When we returned home Derrick locked himself in the bedroom with tape, scissors, and magazines in order to make me a birthday masterpiece. By this time of the day I could tell that something was fishy but I hadn't realized that he had planned a surprise party. I thought that the girls of the building were getting together to hang out at my neighbor's house. When I knocked on the door the Olympic theme song began to blare over the stereo and I walked in to find all my friends hiding in the kitchen wearing medals around their neck. I have always loved the Olympics and one of my life goals is to go to the games - so Derrick organized an olympic themed party even with a cake in the shape of the rings! As a gift he gave me the beginnings of a savings account for us to plan on going to the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver (which is where we went for our honeymoon). Hooray to my honey for the best day! I have the best husband ever!

(The card reads "Meghan, what's better than just 24 $1 bills, a monkey card, and an olympic birthday celebration today?" The inside then had money taped in the shape of the olympic rings!)