Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer, Showers, and Life so Far

We apologize for the tardy update! A lot has happened in this month and a half. the middle of June, while Derrick was slaving away in a summer school class (actually 2 classes), I flew back down to Dixie to visit my family. While I was home our home church threw us a baby shower. Everyone was so generous and thoughtful as they helped welcome baby Smith into the world.

Needless to say, 'lil Smith did quite well for himself! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we were having our bridal shower! But I guess the lingerie showers usually lead to the baby showers. :) It was wonderful being at home relaxing and enjoying mi familia.

I then flew down to Panama City, Florida to meet up with my 5 college roommates. We affectionately call ourselves "The Jungle Bungalow." 5 of us lived on the same hall our freshman year and we've been together ever since. It's so comforting to know that God is behind everything - even 'potluck' roommate selections. We hadn't all been together since our wedding, so our 2 year reunion was very sweet. My sister in law taught me to dig a hole in the sand for my bell so that I could lay on my front. It was heavenly!

We spent the days laying in the sun (getting burnt to a crisp!), sleeping in, vegging by the pool, and enjoying each other's company. "Harry" (as my friends call the baby) loved floating in the ocean, despite the jellyfish, seaweed, and sting rays!

We had a wonderful time but after 11 days a part from my hubby I was ready to come home! Derrick spent his weeks translating Hebrew and 'gettin' her done,' as he would say. :) I was so proud of him and all that he accomplished and learned as I was busy getting a tan. He had been training to run in a 5 mile race and ran with our friends Ian and Sally Wilson. All 3 did a phenomenal job! Up next...a marathon! Just joking!

We then moved apartments into a bigger two bedroom apartment so that 'lil Smith will have more room - really, so that we'll have more room. There was an apartment open in the building right next door. My brother, Matthew, kindly came up and let us boss him around as he helped us move. I wasn't much use - so we needed an extra pair of hands. Our friends were wonderful and everything was in the new place in an hour and a half. We miss our community in the old building but hopefully we'll be feeling at home pretty soon. Below is a video of our new place - mainly for our parents who are anxious to see it. Our address has changed - so if you would like the new one let us know and we can give it to you.

Derrick and Matthew then took the Lucky Star bus down to NYC for 2 days to go to 2 Yankees games. They offered for me to go but a 5 hour bus ride and a night in the hostel didn't sound too appealing. But they had good brother bonding time and enjoyed the city and the Yankees together. The second day they met an important CEO guy who offered them his box seats for the game that he wasn't going to use. Reluctantly, they agreed to take the tickets. :)

All is going well with the pregnancy. We started our birthing classes today. We're using 'Hypnobirthing' - which sounds a lot scarier and wacky than it really is. For those of you who have never heard about it, the premise is that birthing is a natural process that should not be feared or treated like a medical condition. We have been taught that birthing is a painful scary thing that requires medical managing. Hollywood has showed screaming women hyperventilating on a bed demanding an epidural. So these classes, through relaxation techniques, teach that birth can be a joyful and 'pain free' experience. When we expect pain, we get pain. Hypnobirthing teaches you to work with, not against, your bodies natural process. We enjoyed the first class and think that it will help!

So we're 5 weeks out before the baby is due. Derrick is about to start his 3 class for the summer and I'm tutoring some, kinda working on a class, and piddling - a lot! I definitely feel the need to 'nest' so things are slowly getting done.