Sunday, May 3, 2009

PACK is a 4 letter word

So we are leaving in one week! Mother's Day. We graduate on Saturday, the 9th. And then move out the next day! It will be quite the whirlwind weekend. We will be moving back to SC to begin working with a new church plant. God answered our 3 year prayer to finish seminary debt free. We sold our tutoring business and with the profits were able to pay off all of our student loans. So Golden Apple is now in great new hands and we are glad to have passed it off to capable new owners. And we are still marveling at God's provision and the creative and surprising ways that he provides for us! We're excited about our next step but will miss our friends and community in Massachusetts. Moses is 8 months now and doing great! He can crawl backwards (which often gets him stuck under the couch - see pictures below). Soon he'll be all over the place and our role as security guards will begin. He can even stand up on his own for a few seconds. The video below shows the proof. He can wave hi or bye bye and is working on his baby sign language. The little outfit that shows his belly hanging out is an outfit that Derrick wore when he was a baby. It obviously doens't fit Moses. But We love him so much! Enjoy all the pictures. THe cute ones in his sweater vest are from Easter.