Sunday, January 11, 2009

New England Winter

We left the balmy south and arrived back in the frigid north. It has been snowing all week which makes for great picture taking when Moses gets all bundled up. He loves reading (and eating) books and playing dress up. Below are bundle pictures and pictures of our sledding excursion today. The seminary is the highest point in the whole county so it sledding is the activity to do when we're frozen and shut in. Moses enjoyed a sleigh ride!

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Derrick sledding down the hill.

Santa Baby....

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope that your Christmas was full of the peace of Christ and that 2009 has been joyful and memorable so far. We have a lot to update you on and many praises for what the Lord has done in our lives in the last month. I finished my Master's of Missions and Evangelism in December (hallelujah!) and Derrick successfully completed another semester of his MDiv. We will both graduate in May! It's hard to believe how quickly it has gone by already. We went back to SC for 2.5 weeks. We also drove down to Florida for one of my dear friends weddings where the Jungle Bungalow (all of my college friends) had a sweet reunion. (While my 7.5 month pregnant friend and I were manning the punch table a oblivious gentlemen said to us 'Why are the two expecting mothers at the punch table? You shouldn't be on your feet all night!' WOW. I was able to hold my tongue and smile.)

Our biggest news is that while we were at home we (technically Derrick) got a job for when we graduate. The short version is that we met with the Director of Missions about being a part of a new church plant. We knew they were looking for a leader couple to head up the effort but we thought it would be a volunteer position but we realized half way through the lunch that it was a full time job. We wanting to move back to SC to be involved in church planting and God opened this position up. It is going to be an intentionally multi-ethnic church so I think my background in missions and cross-cultural training will be able to be used and Derrick's pastoral training will certainly be used. So Glory to God! Now we will finish these next 4 months up here and then move back to SC, look for a place to live, and start the job! The church's name is Kaleidoscope (I probably need to learn how to spell it!!)

Moses is doing awesome. He is 4.5 months now and weighs 16.13 lbs and is 25.75 inches long - which are both in the 75%. His head, however, is gigantic - in the 95%! He is (almost always) all smiles and giggles. He can roll over onto his side and grab objects. His favorite toy is a giraffe named Jerry. Jerry is from England and loves to tell Moses stories of the how America rebelled and broke away from the mother country. Naturally, Jerry speaks with a British accent. His favorite Christmas present was a college fund started by my loving uncle and parents. Matthew and Moses took to each other immediately. Matthew, who had been in China for 4 months studying, brought him back an 'emperor suit.' (see pictures below.)

Enjoy the pictures and the video. Keep us in your prayers as Derrick finishes his classes and as we prepare ourselves to lead the church plant. Thank you all for your love and friendship! Feliz Ano Nuevo! Bonne annee! Happy New Year!

Pictures at Merry Beth's wedding in Florida with all the Jungle Bungalow together again!

Christmas and Family Pictures

Pictures of all the cousins (and two more on the way!)

Moses' giggles