Friday, December 18, 2009

Fall Update

Hello friends! It's been a while since we wrote anything and some have been requesting new info (I think, they want new pictures of Moses!) We have been doing well - staying busy. Moses now has long and curly hair. He loves to howl like a wolf and meow like a cat and bark like a dog. He's discovered technology. He can sense and hear a phone ring before we can. He loves the shredder! See the video below. Also, he LOVES christmas lights. His favorite thing is unplugging the Christmas tree. He'll shout "OH WOW!!" anytime we plug in the lights or drive by houses with lights in the yard. I think he's one of the funniest people I've met.

One funny story is Moses locked himself in the car. Derrick had put him in my seat (with both sets of keys in the car) and as Derrick was about to open his car door, Moses pressed the lock button. (See the video below). We kept trying to get him to unlock the car door but he would keep pressing the lock, over and over again. I called the Pop-a-lock guy but he said it would be over 30min. I started panicking and so did Moses. Finally I called 911. They said that because an infant was in the car that it counted as an emergency. A policeman drove up first. He said that we had to wait for the firemen to come! As the fireman was driving up, Moses was trying to show off for the cop and he pressed the unlock button! All the fireman got out and we all had a good laugh and sighed a big sign of relief!

Derrick took a teaching job at Dorman High School teaching math. One of their teachers died and they were pretty desperate for a teacher. Taking the job will also help the Network of churches, who are currently hurting financially, since they are helping fund Derrick's salary. It will be an interesting 5 months and quite an adjustment for all of us since Derrick will still be a full time church planter!

One fun thing we did this semester was have a girls night with the international students in town. We had some Chinese students, a Rwandan friend, and a Moldovan student over to carve pumpkins. For all but one of them, it was their first time, to carve a pumpkin. We have really enjoyed getting to know the international students in Spartanburg!