Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MoMo doesn't like photo shoots

So we've tried to dress him up and take cute pictures but MoMo has made it very clear that he does NOT like this. (See below pictures)

Maybe he is objecting to the fact that it is not even October yet and we are trying to take Halloween pictures. This is ironic coming from the person who gets mad at the stores for putting up Christmas stuff in July.

Then we tried to take his picture in his cute monkey gown with his stuffed monkey. Again...he did not like to be propped up and exploited.

So finally we tried to the really cute winter hat. MoMo would have none of this either.

I promise that we did not take all these pictures at one time. Don't worry - we do not torture our child. So what does MoMo like?

He likes 3 generation pictures with Papa and Daddy

Taking naps and praisin' Jesus in his sleep.

His Nana and Papa

Reading Old Testament Commentaries with Dad

Eventually the Commentaries put both of them to sleep.

MoMo also likes:
*being wrapped up in his swaddling blanker (we call it his burrito)
*his changing table
*having his diaper changed
*baths (but not coming out of them)
*his pacifier
*going on trips on the car
*passing gas (the only time that he smiles)
*being worn in a sling with mommy
*having people look at his picture online!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Uncle Brett Brett

Dear Uncle Brett,

I know that I haven't met you yet but I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and that I love you. I've met both of my grandparents and my two aunts (one of them said that I looked like you!) and two cousins but you are the last one that I haven't met yet. I know that you talked to me when I lived inside of mommy and I recognized your voice when you called last week. I started crying when you hung up the phone because I thought that you might have been in the room but then I realized you were far far away. But my mommy tells me that you love me and that you are excited about meeting me at Christmas time. I will be a big boy then and will be able to play with you better. Maybe you can read me a book or tell me a story? I love to be cuddled and would like it if you would snuggle me. My mommy also tells me that you will come back with adventurous stories to tell me about your travels. She says that if we are both mature enough one day that I can go on an adventure with you and that you can show me a different part of the world. So far I have only been to a few cities but maybe you can help me go to more places. Right now I am very little and can't go many places on my own. But one day I will be big. Well I hope that you are having fun and keep looking at my pictures so that you will not forget about me. Maybe you can see me on Skype video someday. I am hungry now and need to go eat dinner. I love you and can't wait to meet you!
Love, MoMo
PS - is your name really Brett or is it something else?

Camo Man!

Papa bought MoMo a camo onesie and a Gamecock beanie. He is SO cute. Yesterday he went on another adventure to Manchester by the Sea and saw the boats and the ocean. He loves being a New Englander - a Yankee!

He also loves his mommy. I love the picture of him looking up at me. We like to snuggle and take naps together. He is such the perfect snuggle size. Doesn't he look so peaceful when he sleeps?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MoMo's Travels

MoMo went on a big adventure yesterday. He went all the way up the coast to Rockport, MA and then south to Boston. He rode the T subway for the first time and followed the freedom trail in boston. He loved all the shops and the historical sites. He met interesting people who all loved him - everyone from a crazy lady in the subway to a group of british grandmothers who were visiting america. He and Ellie are quite the attention getters. He also went to Chickfila where the workers loved him and gave him a little present. However, he will not be 'eating more chicken' for a while!
Emily and Brandon left today and Papa and Nana arrived for more MoMo love.
Congrats to Emily and Tiffany (both of Derrick's sisters) who are pregnant and have the same due date. MoMo will have more cousin friends!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More MoMo

Brandon, Emily, Ellie and Schafer Belly Baby came to visit. Momo loves his aunt, uncle and cousin. Momo also loves baths. I laugh every time I see the crazy eye picture. I hope you smile at least. The videos are of MoMo practicing giving kisses. His lips are sooooo kissable. The other one is him just being cute. Every minute of him is recordable and video worthy. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gamecock Fan!

Momo watched his second Gamecock game today. He screamed and cried much more than Derrick did when they lost...oh well. He is doing great though. Eating, sleeping, pooping, spitting up and crying. But he is the most precious little baby in the whole wide world. We gave him his first bath last night (see the pictures below) and he seemed to love it. Of course, once we dried him off, he pooped and peed all over himself. But we've come to expect that! He is now back to his birth weight - 9lb. 10 oz. Yes, a very big baby!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Video and Pix

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