Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hilarious Video

This is our favorite video yet! Watch for a good laugh. :)

Big Boy Food

So Moses is now enjoying the wonderful (and messy!) world of eating 'human food.' He seems to love bananas and apples. The rice cereal and avocados depend on his mood. He's 7 months now and desperately wanting to crawl, although he can't seem to move his arms. Of course he's adorable and still a momma's boy - so I'm happy. We move back to SC 6 weeks from today. Yikes!

This video shows how much Moses loves apples. It's kinda long but well worth it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good-bye Golden Apple

We have great news to announce! On Feb. 27th we sold our tutoring business to a great couple who will continue the business after we move. We owned it for exactly 28 months (to the day) and sold it for more than we bought it for. To the glory of God (and still to our shock) we will be able to finish seminary debt free. The sale of the business will pay off our student loans, pay for us to move, and pay our bills for the next 2 months. In order to celebrate we went to the beach (it was a balmy 50 degrees). Momo loved his first experience and watched the ocean and all the dogs who were there. He is now sitting up by himself and is growing before our eyes. He can say 'mama' and sometimes 'dada' but he doesn't mean that. Enjoy the new pictures.