Monday, September 28, 2009

Moses Turns One!

Our precious little mister is now 13 months old! I can't believe that a year ago we were waiting in expectation to meet the joy of our life - having no idea of who he would be or what he would look like, but knowing that we loved him with all of our hearts. And know that we've been around him for over a year now we can't even begin to imagine our lives without him. He is a real toddler now. No more baby! He is walking (he started 2 weeks ago) and has lots of little teeth. His sign language is getting so good (he can sign light, fan, more, all done, music, bath). He constantly points to what he wants. Pretzel sticks are his favorite snack. He is a picky eater and breakfast, lunch and dinner can be very frustrating times for me. If he doesn't like something then he scrapes it off his tongue and spikes it on the floor. Our floors get gross very fast. Moses can get upset quickly. When he gets mad he puts his head on the ground. It looks like he is praying prostrate but he is just pouting.
We had an ambitious birthday party. Thinking that we'd have a pool party and that the kids would be outside the whole night we invited 40+ people to our house, including 6 Chinese exchange students we had just met. Unfortunantly it rained so we were all smashed in the house. But we had a great time. Momo loves his cupcake. His eyes light up when he tasted the icing. I could hear his thoughts, "they have been holding out on me for so long!" I made him a monkey cake that I was so proud of that I wouldn't let anyone eat. :) The kids kept saying, ' i want some cake.' i said, no, we aren't eating the cake. It's just to look at. Lame! We ended up eating it a few days later. For his birthday he got a giant stuffed dinosaur which he named BoBar. He loves to tackle it to the ground. Derrick's parents got him his own little rocking chair. It's adorable to see him crawl into the chair and rock.
Enjoy the pictures of the cutie. We love and miss everyone in Mass. I am still adjusting to life in the South. I will write a post to let everyone know how the church is going.


Kelly Ann Griffin said...

What a cutie!! He is so big! And great job with the monkey cake! It looked awesome!

David Able said...

He looks so awesome!! I'm soo happy for ya'll. I can't wait to meet him.

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